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Beginning the weekend of July 11 & 12, we will be going to an online sign-up for Mass attendance.

  If you are planning on attending Mass, please sign up!

 You may sign-up at the link below.  There will be a limited number of walk-up seats available for each Mass.

Please check the list to see if Erin has already added you for Mass before signing up.
Sign-up for Mass

The Church will be open this coming weekend with special circumstances.  We can only be at 25% capacity.  There will be ushers to seat you, and a mask is required to attend.  If you are not able to attend a Mass or if it is "full", please watch the live stream on our Facebook or YouTube page.



Please visit our Facebook page or YouTube for a live stream of Mass on Sundays at 8:00am

Distribution of Communion Beginning Sunday, May 17th

Beginning this Sunday, May 17th, Bishop Paprocki has given permission for the distribution of Holy Communion outside of Mass. Distribution will be offered at Holy Family (3 stations) and Ss. Mary & Mark (1 station) from 10:45-11:15 at the main entrances of church, just inside the vestibule. Holy Family Church will be open for private prayer but Ss. Mary & Mark will still be closed due to the repairing of the church floor. Once the work is finished then the church will be open during distribution time. I thank everyone who has been patient (or like me, not so patient) with the way life is going during this Pandemic. I am edified by the love you have for the Church, the parish and your longing for Mass and the joy of receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. I am also grateful for your evident remembrance to monetarily support the parish which helps us pay the bills that come into the office. God bless you all and I can’t wait until we can celebrate Holy Mass together once again in person!


Guidelines for Receiving

  • To prepare oneself for reception of the Sacrament, if possible, you should have virtually viewed Holy Mass on our Facebook, parish website or another source.
  • For safety reasons, children who have not yet received their First Communion are to stay home or remain in the vehicle accompanied by a responsible individual.
  • Those who are vulnerable and at high risk are asked to stay home. Bishop Paprocki’s dispensation of the obligation to attend Mass remains in effect.
  • You must be physically present to receive Holy Communion.
  • No one is permitted to take Holy Communion from the church to anyone, including nursing homes, homebound or hospital.



  • Form a line with mandatory social distancing at the entrance to the door. Please keep a reverent silence while in line. This is not the time for idle chit-chat.
  • You must wear a mask! If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to leave. There will be an usher to help with directions.
  • After receiving Holy Communion, step to the side, temporarily move your mask aside and consume the Host. Bishop does allow for Communion on the tongue.
  • A Prayer of Thanksgiving card will be available to pray either in church or in your car.
  • You are not to congregate with others so please return to your vehicle and leave the premises.
  • Please share this information with others who might not have access to social media or the internet.
All Fish Fry's have been cancelled until further notice


Daily Mass Schedule

Tuesday - 8:00 AM
St. Mary's - Madison
Wednesday - 8:00 AM
Holy Family
Thursday - 8:00 AM
Holy Family

Friday - 8:30 AM
Holy Family School
Saturday - 4:00 PM
3:00 - 3:30 PM
Sunday - 8:00 AM & 11:00 AM
St. Mary's - Madison 9:30 AM

Parish Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Father Stephen Thompson

Deacon Neil Suermann, O.F.S
Permanent Deacon

Mrs. Bertha Koerper
Director of the Office for
Stewardship and Discipleship
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