Holy Family Catholic Church - Granite City, IL
Altar Servers
The ministry of assisting the priest during Mass is a privilege for any young person who feels called to do so. The young people, male or female, all Holy Family parishioners, are invited at the beginning of each school year to sign up to be a server at Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses.
Requirements are that they are in grades 5 and up, agree to commit to a certain scheduled time of the Mass, and attend training sessions. Each server is sent four letters per year so as to assist in seasonal scheduling. These schedules are typed, mailed to the server. Servers are also called on their scheduled day to work to confirm that they will be at Mass.

Adult Male Servers Ministry

This ministry has been expanded to include adult male servers that will serve Mass once a month at either the 4:00pm Saturday Mass or the 11:00am Sunday Mass. The adult male servers are listed below.

Ken Atkins
Deron Bridick
Bret Ware
John Haug
Jim Kukarola


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